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Spiritual Alignment

Reclaim your divinity, alchemize your limitations, create your Heaven on Earth

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Akashic Records

Receive messages from a past life that is ready to be seen and resolved for your highest good

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Inner Child Work

Reconnect with your inner child, reclaim your innate joy, innocence and sovereignty

Fun at the Pool


"Every session with Michaela is a gift to Self. A quality time of self-listening, connecting to the home within, self-love, and attention.

The talks with Michaela encourage the answers that reside within me to come to the surface, and create a profound connection with Self. In every session, life changing insights come through, and a true, significant, and profound resolution and shift occurs. That is thanks to her experience, knowledge, and personal attention.

In every meeting and thereafter, I have a continuous feeling of calm and ease, and a feeling of healing and empowering cleanse.

Michaela operates in full giving from the heart, she is caring, attentive, accepting, ethical, loving, and delivers everything with a smile.

Thank you for everything.

I highly recommend working with Michaela to anyone, for any personal goal – transformation, self-improvement, and personal growth."


- Einat,


"Michaela has a natural beauty of working with holistic and spiritual practices. I love her guided meditations and her full / new moon movement medicine.

Michaela supported my fear of cats by reading my Akashic Records. She was able to pinpoint where this fear came from. I am staying with a friend that is fostering a cat. It’s my 4th week and I am stroking the cat, the cat is sitting next to me and is rubbing her head against my legs and coming in for strokes.

Thank you Michaela."


- Sonal,


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