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For as long as I can remember, the Teacher architype has been present and operating within me. I was a language teacher for many years, and I am a dance teacher. Anything I have pursued with passion, I have always started teaching to others. So it only made sense, after diving deeply into the spiritual realms of the Universe and into the innermost sanctums of my own heart, that I would guide others through a similar process.

In the past seven years I have learned that self-love isn't just a sentiment, it's a practice; I have learned how to be an unconditionally loving parent to my inner child; I have learned how to look at my uncomfortable emotions and fears and honor them, not escape them; I have gained the courage to speak my truth, sound my voice, and set my boundaries; I have healed past life traumas; I have come to live in authentic self-expression; I have learned how to communicate with my own divine Soul and spiritual guidance through the connection of the sacred heart; I have had glimpses of how much greater my Soul is than I could ever imagine; I have aligned with my heart;


I have reclaimed memories of my Starseed connection, of being a high priestess in multiple lifetimes, and of belonging to different spiritual orders and lineages, such as the order of Isis and the order of the Magdalenas. 

I am so honored and blessed now to be able to offer my reclaimed wisdom to others, to support you in walking the path of your own remembrance and Soul reclamation. I offer this support in the form of:

  • sharing universal wisdom which I have reclaimed on my journey or am channeling in real time. 

  • guided meditations to connect you with your Soul's guidance and benevolent spirit guides. 

  • light language alchemy.

  • dance journey of release and reclamation through the elements. 

  • mantra chant circles. 

  • Akashic Records reading. 

I am incredibly passionate about dance, movement, music, singing, and channeling Source. I can't wait to share these passions with you. 


With love and rose blessings, 

Michaela Hetaya

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