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Akashic Records Reading

The Akashic Records is the great Etheric library that records all happenings of the Universe from all of time.


Within it, you may find information on past life times, which can be pivotal for resolving challenging patterns or trauma you might have carried into your current life time. Additional information may be given on lineages that are ready to step forward and support you now in aligning with your highest time line and manifest your soul prayers.

Information in the Akashic Records is given with much care from our divine guides. They know exactly what you need to know, in order to propel you forward at this time. They will only allow us to receive the information that you are ready to receive, and that is contributing to your journey of healing and reclamation of your truth. They will also only allow us to access information to which your own soul and conscious self have authorized access. In that sense, rest assured, there are high morals and ethics guarded by your guides to protect your highest good. 

"I find that while I am in the Akashic library, and reading or viewing that which is wishing to be witnessed and healed, there is already part of the healing taking place. As the event is being observed by a compassionate witness, in that higher state of consciousness, the stagnant energy already starts to move and shift. Then we do the rest of the clearing work together with the client." - Michaela Advanina.

An Akashic Records reading with Michaela will include an initial conversation in order to tune into your energy, receive your permission to access your records, and receive clarity on the type of information you are seeking, or the current challenge you are seeking to resolve. Michaela will then do a solo meditation to access your records and receive the information offered at this time by your guides. After that, a one-on-one session will take place, where you will be presented with the received information and taken on a guided meditation journey with Michaela and your guides, to bring further resolution and healing to the situation, for your highest reclamation of Self. 


$144 usd per session. 

Intro chat is 15-30 min, and follow-up session is 60-90 min, as needed. 
Sessions are lovingly offered on Zoom.

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