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AWEFE Dance takes you on a one-hour journey of release and reclamation.

With the guidance of the facilitator and with the participants' own intention and movement, we will journey through the five elements - Air, Water, Earth, Fire and Ether - and through five realms of existence, to release that which is not serving and to receive any divine gifts that are available for us at this time. 

There is a great calling at this time to consciously connect with Mama Gaia, to become more present and embodied, to call in more and more of our own divine Soul light into our bodies and to anchor it into Mother Earth. 

There is also a great calling to connect in with the elements and use the wisdom of the elements to unbecome that which we are not, and to reclaim our divine nature and divine gifts. The elements hold great magic and wisdom for us.

As a channel and facilitator of this practice, I combine my love of dance and movement with my knowledge and ancient wisdom in the field of conscious energy work and guided meditation.

Together with the elements, we will journey through the realms of mind, of emotion, of Ancestors, of truth, and of Spirit to receive great alchemy for the highest good of Self and All. 

AWEFE Dance is for Everyone. You do not need any special dance or movement skills. This journey is about connecting intention with movement. It is not about looking any certain way. It is about tuning into what your body wishes to express in the moment. 

Your body intuitively knows what it needs to release and reclaim, and how to do it. This journey supports the flow of communication of your higher wisdom with the wisdom of your body, in working together for your highest good. 

Michaela offers AWEFE Dance to studios, festivals, Yoga and spiritual retreats, dance events, healing and self-empowerment seminars, and any event that wishes to offer a powerful embodiment practice as part of its curriculum.


"I had the immense pleasure of collaborating with Michaela in November 2022 for a women's Yoga retreat in Senegal. Michaela offered her elemental dance modality as one of the sessions at the retreat. It was a powerful experience that brought all of the participants into a space of deep self-discovery, self-knowing, self-expression and healing. Michaela skillfully created a safe and open space where we all felt safe and at ease. Her gentle guidance ushered us all into a powerful journeying state. 

My sincere gratitude for Michaela and this potent offering!"


- Kathleen Chau

Event organizer and

Facilitator. Senegal

"Nothing makes my energy move in my body and soul as much as dancing. Michaela's gentle guidance made me connect to my deepest self. I felt so alive, so me. It renewed my energy. And what I loved most is how Michaela held a safe space for all the women to let their body move as it chooses and our hearts to soar. This is healing. This is love."


- Emna

Participant, Senegal.

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