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Inner Child Work

Your inner child holds your innocence, your joy of life, your dreams and magic, and your deep seeded desires. She also holds any unresolved trauma that you have endured throughout your life, and any unhealed or held emotions, such as sadness, frustration, anger. She holds the answers to your pain and to your happiness. All she asks in return is to be loved, cared for, heard and listened to. 

Unfortunately, our modern society teaches us to focus our attention outward instead of inward. We are encouraged to conform in order to fit in. Within that, we lose contact with our inner child, as we forget how to listen to her. She is relentless, though. Whatever we fail to hear as she speaks, she will find louder ways of communication. This could be through physical discomfort or ailment and it could be through unpleasant experiences that will manifest in our lives. Whatever we need to see and change for our own highest good, will keep on echoing in our lives in different capacities, until we are finally willing to acknowledge and it. 

Whether it is unresolved trauma that wishes to be healed, unfulfilled needs or unfulfilled dreams and desires of the soul, our inner child is the keeper of our joy, who will remind us of the truth of who we are and what we need and want, if we are willing to listen to her.

Inner child healing is one of the most important and most powerful approaches to healing that I have come to know. As you heal, care for and love your inner child, you heal own self and learn how to practice self-care and self-love. 


When healing your inner child, after years of disconnection from this innocent aspect of yourself, the first step is regaining their trust, their forgiveness and your ability to listen to them. Your inner child is inside you. Therefore, the only person who can hear your inner child and know their wants and needs, is You. This leaves you with a Great responsibility towards this child, who suffers greatly if she is abandoned and ignored. It is your job to communicate their wants and needs to the world, and to make sure that they are met. In fact, see it as this is the key to fulfilling your deep seeded soul desires, the reason why you have incarnated on planet Earth, this is the most important job that your will ever have. 

As adults navigating in this world, it is imperative that we take on the role of parent to our inner child - give them all of the love, affection, attention and recognition they have perhaps been lacking and longing for. Help them release all shame, guilt, grief or blame. Talk to them, explain to them and be playful with them. 

Your inner child is an important and significant part of you. As you heal your inner child, you are healing yourself. As you help them feel safe, loved and joyful, you will begin to feel more safe, loved and joyful. 


$144 usd per session.

Sessions can be 60-90 min, as needed, and are lovingly offered on Zoom.

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