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It is said that the world was created through sound. Sound and the frequency of sound carry so much in them - so much healing and primordial wisdom. And that is a way to understand light language. Light language can be an ancient language from this earth or from other worlds, we do not necessarily understand it, but if it needs to be expressed through speech or song, it means that there is great alchemy that is being offered. There is great power to our voice, through the frequency and ripple that it generates. 

Light language can be expressed in many ways. It can be written through shapes and symbols, it can be spoken or sung; it can be received through geometric shapes, through the dance of light rays, and in numerous other ways. The important thing about light language is that it by-passes the conscious mind and speaks straight to our soul, and that is why it carries and offers such great alchemy for healing, awakening and enlightenment.

As I have consciously worked on expressing my soul's own truth, light language has started emerging often, and with it, light language chants, mantras and different melodies. Each light language chant seems to be connected with specific energies and empowering for specific times and intentions. 

Some of the mantra chants I offer are in light language, others in English or Sanskrit. Some of them are offered to a specific deity, some are connected to certain times of the year and others are just for the expansion of the heart. 

I first came to practice mantra chanting in Koh Phangan, Thailand, in a half moon ceremony. I was amazed at how sitting in a room full of people I didn’t know, but who were all gathered for the purpose of connecting our hearts in chant, completely uplifted my heart and soul. I also love singing and music, and there is something in the simplicity of repetition of mantras, which makes it meditative and therefore, brilliantly expanding and enlightening.

More coming.

Healing the Throat Chakra

The sacred practice of singing and chanting heals the throat chakra. Whether it's mantra chanting, voice lessons, singing in a choir or even just in the comfort of your own home, so long as you make it a regular practice and ritual, with the conscious intention of healing, it can bring a big shift.


The more you sing and allow yourself to be heard by others, the easier it will become to start expressing your truth to others. And that is really what we are here for, to fully and authentically express our divine souls in this human body. 

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