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ROAR! - Reclaim your Voice
Online Course

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As the Earth is moving through an initiation and awakening, divine feminine leaders are called to step up and support this changing of the ages, and bringing forth the New Golden Age of miracles. 

Sekhmet is one of the many feminine guides who are stepping forward at this time to lead and support the awakening of humanity, by reminding us of our divine feminine power. 

Sekhmet, and her light expression as Hathor, are deeply connected with activating our throat chakras, and with supporting us in finding our inner voice, our inner truth, our fierceness, and our courage to lead the way for others. 

They are standing by, willing and ready to lead you through a sacred initiation of remembrance and reclamation of all that you are. They are offering divine guidance activations, magic, and divine alchemy to support you on your heroine's journey.

Sekhmet is one expression of a triple Goddess trinity: She is all at once Hathor - the divine mother, Sekhmet - the fierce lioness, and Bastet - the playful cat. 

Hathor is the unconditionally loving mother. Through her compassionate eyes and loving grace, she teaches you how to profoundly love yourself and those around you. 

Sekhmet is the fierce lioness who will fight ferociously for what is just. She connects you to your sacred 'no', to your conviction in defending your boundaries and those you love, and to your righteous rage. She is the radically loving lioness mother who will bring change where it is needed. 

Bastet is the playful, joyful, and sometimes mischievous cat. She teaches you to connect with your divine innocence, your childlike playfulness, and invites your inner child to come out and play. 

This triple Goddess represents the three expressions that exist within every woman: Maiden, Mother-Lover, and Crone. And they invite you to give expression to All of them in your every day life. This is the key to your success, and it is the key to your joy. It is how you will fulfil your Soul's prophecy and prayer for this incarnation.

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The days when the feminine was deemed weak are over. We are awakened enough now to see that the true power of the feminine lies in her ability to move through dimensions; to dance between realms and polarities; to be strong and flexible, tender and fierce, a mighty protector of boundaries and a powerful healer, a compassionate witness and a loyal defender of justice - all at once. 

Hathor, Sekhmet, Mary Magdalene, and other divine feminine mentors are all waiting with love and anticipation to welcome you between the veils, to lead you between realms, allowing for a reclamation of all parts of Self, and teaching you how to bring forth radical change through radical love. They will help you alchemize, transmute, and dissolve all obstacles standing in your way from being authentically and radically you. They will encourage you to step into the highest most sincere version of Self, and to know that you are always held and protected by the Goddess.

There is no limit to your creator power, as you are a fractal of Source. Reclaim your sovereign divinity, ancient wisdom, and Soul truths now. 

Then explore the infinite possibilities available for you, with childlike playfulness and curiosity. 

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You are called into this initiation to reclaim your highest Self,
for the sake of humanity and for your own highest Joy



Opening Ceremony & Temple 1 

HATHOR and SEKHMET -  Expressions of the DIVINE MOTHER

Opening our circle of divine sisterhood. We will all get to sound our voices and share our intentions for this journey with Sekhmet. 

Hathor and Sekhmet as representations of the lunar and solar feminine, and brief mythology. We will discuss the traits of the mother lioness, which bring out the powerful lion in the cubs that she raises. We will discuss how to parent our own inner child in such a loving, tender and protecting way, that will enable her to flourish into the powerful lioness that she is. This will be followed by a meditation with Sekhmet and Hathor, empowering you as a mother to your inner child.

*The opening ceremony will be 2.5 hours. 

Temple 2 

SEKHMET - Sacred Rage, Sacred 'NO' & the Divine ROAR

What are your conditionings around anger? Do you feel that you're allowed to be angry and to express anger? Do you feel allowed to say 'no'? We will discuss the role of anger and your sacred 'no', and how those serve you in creating the life you want and deserve and in stepping into your divine purpose. This will be followed by a guided meditation with Sekhmet, to connect us with our personal boundaries and with our divine ROAR. 

Temple 3 

KALI MA - Slayer of Fears

We will get acquainted with the energy and mythology of Kali Ma, a fierce Hindu deity who helps us face and release our fears, for greater alignment and fulfilment. This will be followed by a guided meditation with Sekhmet and Kali Ma, to reconnect us with our power and courage moving forward. 

Temple 4 

MARY MAGDALENE - Releasing Shame and Reclaiming of Self

How was Mary, in her lifetime, an expression of Sekhmet and embodiment of the Great Mother. How can we attune to her to receive this wisdom of embodying both compassion and rage, tenderness and fierceness in such a beautiful balance of the lunar and solar feminine. How can she support us in releasing layers of shame and reclaiming exiled parts of Self. How can she show us that as her, we are whole and holy unto ourselves. This will be followed by a meditation with Mary Magdalene, to bless the way we perceive ourselves with greater compassion and acceptance, and to acknowledge and awaken the teacher and the priestess within. 

Temple 5 

THE MORRIGAN - Keeper of the Akashics

We will discuss ancestral trauma and wounds. We will explore what limiting beliefs in our maternal bloodline might still be stored in our bodies and operating within our field, in a way that might be holding us back from being in our full power. This will be followed by a meditation with our benevolent ancestors, in the support and guidance of The Morrigan and grandmother Baobab, to alchemize an ancestral wound that is ready to be healed, for the highest good of previous generations, of Self and of generations to come. 

Temple 6 

THE INNER DRAGON & Embodying it

Who is your inner dragon. What aspect of your Soul does he/she represent. Why is it important to connect with and embody them at this time, and how are they linked with your greater empowerment and fulfilment. How the Dragon Lineages are closely connected in with the awakening of humanity. We will learn some embodiment practices to call in your inner dragon. This will be followed by a guided meditation to meet and connect with your inner dragon. 

Temple 7 

GIZA PYRAMIDS - Throat Chakra of the Earth 

We will get familiarized with the Neteru, and some great Egyptian queens. We will discuss the meaning of 'Sovereign' in everyday life - how am I exercising my power and responsibility as sovereign of my own life, as sovereign of my field. This will be followed by a guided meditation with Hathor in the Great Pyramid, to receive throat chakra alchemy and any other gifts that are offered. 

Temple 8 & Closing Ceremony 

AVALON - Heart Chakra of the Earth & connection to Venus

How are the Neteru connected with the Rose Lineage and how does this weaving take us back to Avalon, to the Sacred Heart of the planet, and into your own heart. We will discuss myths, mysteries, and feminine guides of Avalon, and how they are closely connected with your sacred path as an embodiment of the divine feminine. This will be followed by a meditation and heart initiation by Venus and the sacred lands of Avalon, to step into your path with an open heart, full of conviction.

A sister sharing and declaration of intentions and reclamations, as we bless our circle and step onto our individual paths with a renewed sense of Self, a fierce attitude, and inspirations for radical change and creating your dream life. 

*The closing ceremony will be 2.5 hours. 

*These dates will be honored and are subjected to change by force major.

If you cannot commit to some of these dates, rest assured that you will receive the recordings. As time is one, whenever you join the replay, through time and space, you will be held in the energy of the circle as if you were in the live gathering. Remember that all has divine timing, and you will join in when the time is best for you. 


  • Eight live online gatherings, guided by Michaela Advanina, in co-creation with the Etheric realms. Travel to the sacred lands of Kemet and receive codes and activations from the comfort of your home.

  • Recordings of all gatherings. 

  • Guidance for embodiment and meditation practices between gatherings.

  • Guidance for Altar creation. 

  • A Signal sister group as a platform for sharing, witnessing, and supporting each other throughout and after the course.

  • Teachings, wisdom, alchemy, and ancient practices collected throughout lifetimes and brought down from the Ethers. 

  • Optional: if you choose the personal mentorship program, eight 1on1 Spiritual Alignment sessions with Michaela to support and expand your journey and personal growth in tandem with the course. 

Be the first to know when the course dates are announced:

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'ROAR! - Reclaim your Voice' will include eight online group gatherings, through the course of three months. There will be a gathering every other week, with intentional time for integration between sessions. 


Each of the two-hour online gatherings will include:

  • A theoretical learning of the different Goddesses, mentors, Soul truths and other mysteries of the Universe and of Gaia. 

  • A guided meditation by Michaela Advanina, to journey in with our guides through the unseen realms of Spirit, for deep alchemy and embodied transformation. 

  • A time for shares and inquiries. 

Between gatherings, the initiates will be given embodiment and meditation practices to connect with their own inner truth, wisdom and divinity, as well as altar suggestions for each temple. You will always be encouraged to look inward and connect in with your own inner truth, as that is your true power. 


Full course:
Early bird - $444 usd

Full price - $555 usd

Includes eight online group gatherings.

Full course + Personal Mentorship:

Early bird - $1,222 usd 

Full price - $1,333 usd

Includes eight online group gatherings and eight 1-on-1 Spiritual Alignment sessions with Michaela. Spots are limited.

*Installment plan available. 

*All sales are final. 



This course is a sacred love offering from Sekhmet to you - women who are:

  • ready to reclaim your voice - whether it's for yourself and your loved ones, or as a voice of transformation in this world. 

  • ready to remove obstacles that are standing in your way from living as a more authentic expression of Self - reclaiming your creative flow and sense of joy.

  • craving to listen and connect with the inner sanctum of your own heart, to retrieve Soul truths and wisdom collected through the ages.

  • ready to step into leadership - whether it's leadership in your personal life or in your business. 

  • ready to reclaim and honor all parts of Self, to live in full presence and self-acceptance, and to renounce shame. 

  • ready to reclaim your sacred ROAR and to embody all aspects of your divinity. 


For those available to make a greater commitment to your Journey of reclamation at this time, Michaela is offering a program of Personal Mentorship that goes in tandem with the course. This program includes, in addition to the live gatherings, 8 one-on-one Spiritual Alignment sessions with Michaela embetween the group sessions, to amplify and expand your journey through the 8 temples and the inner sanctum of your heart. 

The journey of awakening is a precious Lotus, opening its petals one at a time. At certain junctions in our lives, there is an accelerated opportunity to open, and in other times we move with greater ease. If this feels like a time that holds greater potential for growth, you are invited to make this additional commitment, and I would be honored to walk by your side, as you shed layers and reclaim greater parts of yourself on this sacred journey. 

Bear in mind that spots for the Personal Mentorship program are limited.

Be the first to know when the course dates are announced:

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Send any inquiries or schedule a free consultation call with Michaela, to see if this course is right for you at this time - 

"I have always been drawn to the Lion energy. In 2017 I had the privilege to interact with real life lions, who activated an initial returning and awakening within me. The road since then has been a challenging and blessed path of healing, activations and remembrances. I would not change a thing. My work with Sekhmet commenced long before I became conscious of it. I have since then connected with her in my different trainings, but our relationship took on a whole new form when I visited her temple in Karnak, Egypt, and gave her an offering of love and devotion from my heart. She has since then been guiding and blessing my path with her presence, wisdom, and the humbling gift of offering this course, in her guidance. Beautiful Soul, if you are feeling the call reconnect with Sekhmet, with your inner lioness, with your truth and your power, with your righteous ROAR, the time is now."

With Rose Love and blessings,

Michaela Advanina Heskia

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