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Michaela facilitates sacred ceremonies which include mantra chant circles, embodied dance, and guided meditations. 

Michaela creates sacred ceremonial space which enables the participants to dive into the depths of their own divinity, and to call their own divine Soul light to anchor further into their bodies and into the Earth. This ceremonial space includes work with the ascended masters, with the ancestors, with benevolent mythical beings and spiritual allies. As participants enter the ceremonial space prepared meticulously though prayer and conversation with the divine, they immediately feel safe and protected, which enables them to meet themselves fully and compassionately. 

The ceremonies include great emphasis on embodiment practices, such as chanting, dancing, and grounding meditations. The intention is to call in Heaven to achor into Earth - your divine soul to anchor into your body, bringing you into more presence in the now moment, so that you can face every moment in life as the brave, fierce, and sovereign being that you are.

The ceremonies are planned to coincide with major astrological events, such as Full Moon, New Moon, important conjunctions or transitions in the Heavens, or important High Holy Days such as Solstices and Equinoxes. The Mantra chants are carefully chosen to match and benefit from the energies that are offered at a specific time by Gaia and the stars. The dance or intuitive movement is also guided and channeled to allow you to fully benefit from the current energies. The guided meditation is led by the collective consciousness of the group and channeled by Michaela, to benefit the highest good, awakening and reclamation of all participants.

Read more about some of the embodied practices that Michaela facilitates: 

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Dance journey of release and reclamation through the elements, to embody Soul Self



Practice the purifying act of chanting to elevate your soul and bring joy to your heart



Journey into the Ethereal realms to receive messages and gifts from your Soul and guides

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