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Spiritual Alignment

Commit to your well-being and spiritual path. 

When have you ever put your well-being at the forefront and center? 

From childhood, we are taught to put ourselves last, to ignore our inner voices, and to "align with the norms". 

There is an inner child in you that is yearning to be acknowledged, an inner lover that is yearning to be expressed, an inner mother who is filled with unconditional love to all versions of you, and an inner crone who carries wisdom that the world needs to receive. 

You are wise beyond your years and powerful beyond your imagination. It is time to connect with this inner truth, to reclaim all parts of Self and remove all of the self-sustained shackles that bind you to limiting perceptions of Self.


You got this!

Every challenge that has come your way has come to teach and empower you. Every challenge that has come your way has come because you were ready to receive and surpass it. 

What if you harnessed the power and wisdom from all of these challenges and started working towards the life of your dreams? What if you acknowledged how powerful you are, and what a great impact your reclaimed wisdom and grace will have on the world and the people around you? 

The world is waiting for you to shine , dear one. Will you accept the invitation? 

A Spiritual Alignment session will be especially tailored for you and for your needs. It will be co-weaved by Michaela and your own Higher Self. 

Prior to each session, Michaela will ask for guidance from your own divine Soul and the spirit guides who wish to step forward and work with you. During the sessions, we will tackle the limiting perceptions that are no longer serving your highest liberation and fulfilment of Self; we will learn unconditionally loving self-parenting and self-listening; we will create long lasting habits that will help you to connect and move through life in-tune with your inner truths and the highest wisdom of your Soul; we will receive divine alchemy and guidance from your spirit guides, encouraging you to connect with them on your own, rather than having to turn to a third party as a vessel; we will recall and reclaim forgotten Soul dreams; we will imagine and call forth the infinite possibilities of the Universe to pour into your life, as you receive them with awe and wonderment; we will restore your divine inheritance.

I will not try to sell you on stories that after three sessions your life will align with everything you ever imagined. The greatest gift of life is that it is an ongoing process of learning and evolving. I will say that these sessions will be a portal and an opening for expanding your inner world and your capacity to contain your own divinity, in a way that will accelerate and amplify everything that is to come. These sessions will raise your frequency and help you to release limiting beliefs, in a way that will attract more aligned experiences, and help you to access your inner truth, inner magic, and the guidance of your Soul in your decision making going forward. 

Remember that any inner work you do has a ripple effect on all timelines and lifetimes. Meaning that by choosing yourself and choosing to heal past life, ancestral and current life trauma, you are healing your entire lineage, your past and futures versions of Self in this lifetime and beyond. In healing yourself, you are also healing Gaia, the Universe, and the people around you, and you contribute to bringing forth the New Golden Age of Miracles. While self-improvement and healing will alter your inner world completely, the benefits of it go beyond your individual experience.

Who is this for:

Women and men who are ready to take responsibility over their own lives, acknowledge their own divinity, step out of victim consciousness and into divine creator consciousness, reclaim their Soul wisdom, be a compassionate witness to their own process, and remember their deepest Soul truths. 


$144 usd per session.

Personal Mentorship Program - $777 usd for 7 sessions.

Sessions can be 60-90 min, as needed, and are lovingly offered on Zoom.

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